"Close Call"

Hi there, It’s been a long time since I posted anything on Armorama. I used to post under the name"Rossgary" so a few old-timers might just remember me.
I imagined this one to be the aftermath of a close encounter in the desert for this recon team.
There’s a couple of firsts in here for me. My first ever diorama and my first vehicle in about forty-odd years. In fact, the last time I did this vehicle was when it first came out in the mid seventies. I was about ten at the time! I think it’s held up pretty well. The Tamiya Sdkfz 222. I don’t think it came out too bad?
Probably zero accuracy but, what the heck! I enjoyed it!


Edit Quote from Lazurus.
“Probably zero accuracy but, what the heck”. … I totally agree, as long you enjoy the build, and as for accuracy …who cares and who can prove otherwise :wink:
It looks great @Lazarus … And for the first Dio and first vehicle in 40 years… You nailed it. Great details, great weathering … Keep them coming !!

There are several early Tamiya kits that hold up well even today. The Sdkfz 222 is one of them as is the Kommandwagon (Kit 35235).
I think your diorama is very well done and looks great. The stowage is good and the figures look very much the part. Nice build, nice figures, nice finish/weathering and nice presentation.

And yes, I remember ‘Rossgary’ back in the earlier days of Armorama. Welcome back.


Your wounded guy and his buddy, are they resin figs from an 88 gun crew? Or some plastic figs?

Very nice compact scene. Really like the stowage on the rear.

The figs were by Tank if I remember rightly. Had them kicking around in the stash and the pose was right for what I needed. Heads replaced with Hornet. They did need a lot of work though. Sculpting wasn’t exactly the best. Got there in the end though.

The stowage on the back is from Black Dog. One big lump of resin! The other stowage bits are from the same set. The jerrycan racks on the front and side were scratched up from some styrene strip as the ones in the Black Dog set were unusable. I’ve found that a lot of resin manufacturers tend to have quality issues, so they aren’t alone in this. Used an Aber PE set and a new barrel from Master.

Looks great to me!

Hi Lazarus,

A great little diorama, I especially like your use of colour, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


Zero accuracy ? … the 222 looks like a 222 , the guys look like guys and the building looks like a building … well built , well painted , well placed , I like it , beautiful !!
I usually don’t look at someone’s modeling labors for continuity errors , unless of course it’s a Panther tank on Guam . You built something that’s far , far from shabby and you should be proud of your work as I am proud and pleased with perusing your results .
Jeez what the heck is in my coffee this morning …

Panther tank on Guam… There’s an idea :wink: You don’t want to know what’s in my coffee brother!:grin:
Thanks for the positive comments everyone. Now, on to the next…
Cheyenne, A, D or G, what do you reckon?


I dunno man , what ya got kit wise to work with ?

@Lazarus, a late G with loads of what if bits and jungle cam paint … and just to clear any confusion Glenn @Cheyenne I’m not sure if you quoted my quote about zero accuracy … ? if so, I really wasnt, I was just quoting Lazarus from what he said in his first post at the end of it … I actually think it is in all probability very accurate. I will edit my other post to reflect that. :grin: :+1:

So, we can all settle on a Panther G, full IR kit, jungle camo, fighting Taliban terrorists on Guam? Sounds good!

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Yeah , nah , Johnny , that wasn’t a shot at you .
Some people look at something just to find fault , like the little woman , … hope she never reads this , lol .
It was just a general statement not aimed at anyone .

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I think the idea has come to life … sounds like a great plan :grin:

Now, thinking about it, I’ve got a Maim Front 46 robot in the stash. That might liven it up a bit…:grin:

I don’t see what could be wrong. The atmosphere you set here is great. So is the painting of figs, armoured car and scenery. I’d be proud of such a dio… :+1:t2::slight_smile: