CoD MW2 "Honey Badger" Stryker

I was playing my old Modern Warfare 2 game, and I wanted to build a model of the “Honey Badger” Stryker as seen in the game. It has some notable differences to a “real” M1126 Stryker ICV, and I wanted to see if I could get help with recreating them. I’m starting with the AFV Club Stryker. This has the tool kit in the usual spot on the left-rear of the vehicle, but the game has it on the right-front of the vehicle. That’s the biggest change I’ll need to make, but there’s a fix. I just need Sprue E from the Stryker MGS kit. It’s got new sidewalls that will allow me to put the toolkit on the other side of the vehicle. Does anyone have any good suggestions for this without buying a whole other Stryker to cannibalize?
Also, were there any Sand-painted Strykers? The vehicle in the game doesn’t look like it’s in the usual green paint scheme. I’m debating on whether I want to go realistic or more game-accurate. Thanks for any insight you might have.

There have been sand Strykers used by 75th Rangers and SOF in Syria.


I know you don’t want to buy a whole new kit, but this might be the best deal you find:
AFV Club 1/35 Stryker M1128 MGS 105mm Mobile Gun System Model AFV Tank Kit PARTS | eBay




I have always wanted to build this as a diorama!

That whole scene of fighting through neighborhoods in the US while that amazing soundtrack plays just really hits differently. Good luck!

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Nice, but this is the original “Honey Badger” Ratel.

SADF Ratel 90 IFV.

'nuf said…with appropriate mike drop.:laughing:

We need one in plastic yes i know there is a resin one available from a company in S.Africa

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Unfortunately Baxmodels no longer do the 1/35 resin kits. He is now focusing on 1/72 3D printed kits.

So I’ve got a good start on the Honey Badger. I sourced that damaged Stryker MGS kit off ebay, and I was able to use the other side panel with the toolbox. Turns out the side panels were MUCH different than I’d thought, and I couldn’t just slap the MGS’s panel on the IFV. I had to cut the forward section off and reattach it. But it looks good now, and yes, I know I need to clean up that panel line. Stupid macro lenses.