Cold War U-boat color

Anybody happen to know the color for Type 206A U-Boats? Trying to do a quick & dirty build of the Revell kit. Instructions give a mix of 50/50 Leather Brown and Dust Grey (?) with reference #s 84 and 77 (Humbrol?) Humbrol is nt readily available around here. Anybody know an RAL # for the color or something from Vallejo , Mig, etc that might work?


I’m not sure how accurate this is, but according to my Humbrol/Vallejo conversion chart, you need the following:

Vallejo Model Color 70.988 as a match for Humbrol 84 and Vallejo Model Color 70.868 for Humbrol 77.

Worth a try.


Thanks Paul. Khaki (998) and green (968) sounds odd for a sub. Though, true, some photos the 206s look like a brownish grey. (Makes sense. Coastal waters, and I seem to remember hearing the Baltic was murky.) I know I have 998 handy have t check on the other. See what happens.

In fact these are Revell colors 32177 and 32184 email colors and 36177 and 36184 in acrylics
Corresponding RAL colors 7012 and 8027
Vallejo equivalent is 70869 to 77 and 72744 for 84