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Tankograd is a company that can be relied upon for interesting book releases and here we look at "Cold War Warrior LEOPARD 1, The Leopard 1 MBT in Cold War Exercises with the German Bundeswehr".

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Yup; definitely feel another Leopard coming on!

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Sounds like a great idea! I have a few in the stash myself…

I do find 'em hard to resist; I acquired this one a few months back:


Gelboliv, possibly a Valkyrie crew - tea-leaves cam nets - fully tac perhaps vide the Tankograd books - what’s not to like?


What’s not to like about a Leopard 1. I now have four in my stash if you count the C2 Mexus. I guess I should get around to building one soon!

I know Terry, but too many models, too little time! I’m currently stuck in Cornwall on holiday (which I’ve posted about elsewhere on the site) but it’s all wasted modelling time(!)

To be fair, with the fairly decent weather we’ve been having, it’s been doubly hard to stay at the bench/dining table. I’ve also discovered a gin from a nearby Farm Shop which sells a 57% gin!

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I’m thinking something like this for my next Leo…

Weill I’m at Tankfest today, so there is a much greater than zero chance my stash will grow! Enjoy the gin!!


What a cracking picture; snow camouflage and Gepards!