Here’s a question for the general Population of model builders. What do you do with your collection when you pass. I have been building for many years. An old friend of mine who used to run uncle Bill’s hobby here in Canada, Some of you might remember Rick. He sold me a kit of Hasegawa 1/48 Starfighter. You didn’t challenge me to custom make ones from other countries. Well that challenge snowballed into over 329 of that kit.

I have many many other aircraft kits as well finished. This is not including all the armour kits that I have finished over the years. As well as 1/350 scale aircraft carriers. I still plan to build for many many more years as long as I’m still breathing. I would like to figure out what to do with this and not leave this giant mess for my kids to try to figure out. I was just wondering what other peoples thoughts were about what to do in the end.


My wife will just leave mine in the display cases,she won’t disturb them as they are in an area in the basement not in the way of anything,“at least till her new husband dumps them.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

After she goes,our heirs can do what they want with them,we wont care then,and hey let them work a little once they get a free house.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’m kind of in the same mental space as Tojo on this really.

But, attempting to be more constructive, you might see if there is a military museum or local library that would like some of them. I doubt any place will want all of them, but maybe some would want some?

330 Starfighters?

Try Lockheed.

You could try to donate them to libraries, hobby shops and museums. You could just give them away to friends with children. Maybe the air force academy might have an interest. I’m going to try to donate my Hungarian tank collection to the Hungarian military museum in Budapest. I might even consider getting buried with my favorite models.

One idea that I have had is to try to donate them to a local VA or even VFW (if they have a display area). Our VA said I could not display models in their display case unless I gave them to the VA and not get them back. Their hallway has a display case that shows relics and some models from various 20th century wars. So that may be an option.