Color confirms for BF 109E-3 JG 54

Hey there,

Starting my first 109, the Tamiya E3. I think I’m going to go with this one from JG 54. Once I do get to the exterior is it still all just RLM02, 71 and 65? I’ve become partial to Vallejo paints so

RLM02 - Vallejo 70.886 (Model Color) / 71.044 (Model Air)
RLM65 - Vallejo 70.906 (Model Color) / 71.255 (Model Air)
RLM71 - Vallejo 71.105 (Model Air) (unsure of Model Color)?


Hi knavejack,
Vallejo has some airwar paint sets (Model Air for airbrushing). You might look for No. 71165.

71.042 Dark Brown RLM61
71.104 Green RLM62
71.260 Light Grey RLM63
71.255 Light Blue RLM65
71.021 Black Green RLM70
71.015 Dark Green RLM71
71.044 Grey RLM02
71.078 Yellow RLM04

Artikelnummer: 71.165

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Ah yeah, I saw that. I’m guessing it’s a pretty good deal. My last 3 kits were two armored then figures so turns I might need the below colors also - I used a couple x-ref charts (one on here and then AK’s) to get the Vallejo codes from the Tamiya ones in the kit instructions.

XF-57 Buff / Lederfarben - Val 70.976
X-18 Semi-gloss black - Val 70.861
XF-1 Black - Val 71.057
XF-18 Medium blue - Val 71.109, 70.963
XF-4 Yellow green - Val 70.954
XF-49 Khaki - Val70.988
XF-16 Flat aluminum - Val 71.062, 70.993
XF-7 Red - Val 71.269, 70.947
X-10 Gunmetal - 71.073
X-2 White - 70.951
X-11 chrome silver - 71.325, 70.997

Now to find the cheapest way to get all these with acceptable shipping! :smiley:

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Good luck with the shipping!! I’m finding that costs have skyrocketed over the last two years or so. That and the exchange rate for the NZ dollar just sucks!! LOL

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Hey there!

Thought I’d reply with the ordering/shipping experience just for y’all’s info. Of course it seems not one supplier has every paint you need, so it turns out you need to go through multiple (in my experience). Somehow, I accidentally ordered an IJN paint and King’s Hobby easily and quickly switched it out with some Vallejo Dark Grey wash. Shipping is from places like California, Texas and Georgia to the PNW.

Order from King’s Hobby in Texas, good experience:
Subtotal $58.00
U.S.P.S. Priority Mail $15.60
Order total $73.60
Ordered: June 4 (a Sunday)
Shipped: June 5
Delivered: June 8

Order from Hobbylinc in Georgia (have ordered from them in the past, they have a points/discount system and good prices it seems):
Cart Total: $36.05
Optional Insurance:$0.95
Shipping & Handling: $8.95
Total: $45.95
Ordered: June 4
Shipped: June 8
Delivered: June 10

Then I forgot one 17 mil bottle so had to order that by itself. Seems here no matter where you order from a single bottle in the US is going to cost you $7+change ($3+ for the bottle then $4+ for shipping).