Color for desert camoufage net

Hello guys, I recently bought a camouflage net which I intend to hang on the sides of my desert storm 1:16 challenger1 tank. However the color of the cammo net i bought is off and I will like advice on what color to paint it to make it look like the real one. Please I only have access to basic colors so you can advice on colors I can mix to achieve desired results. I have attached pictures of my 1:16 tank, the cammo net I bought whose color looks off and the pictures of the real tank.

Light tan on one side, dark earth on the other.

Thank you sableLiger, what color corresponds to dark earth please? black? brown? or do I need to mix two colours?

Clement, this is the type of cam net you need


Tamiya XF-52 or AS-22 in spray form.

@Johnnych01 is correct, the camo material you have is incomplete (that is how it is marketed). It should be attached to a net. I use a loose weave cotton gauze (bandage material).
I don’t know how the British nets are made, but US ones have multiple pieces of differently colored camo material attached to the net, not one solid color.

Other choices:


Vallejo 70.983

A MIG 073 from AMMO by Mig.

Clement, like Ken said, for that time frame the nets originally were just string mesh nets with square cam patches cable tied on. The cam patches were one colour one side and another colour the other side …
Woodland cam patch.


The string type developed into a sort very durable very strong hardened nylon, but still with the square cam patches…

These are the desert cam squares.


Hope that helps a bit :+1:

Hi Clement
Johnny & the guys are right, while those HZH nets are pretty good, they’re not a perfect representation.
Most full size nets I’ve come across are a combination of 2 sizes of cuts, with multiple orientation. The HZH nets are single size cuts & single orientation, though in 2 distinct sizes, as well as 3 colours - Green, Sand & White. They also have barrel wraps - long thin pieces - 5 cm X 60 cm - the pattern is a bit closer together too.
I haven’t done any pure desert nets as yet, but I use multi colour Tamiya acrylic.
You’ll need to ‘pop’ the nets after painting - mild stretching - including removing the edge pieces.


Hello guys, thanks so much for the detailed explanations and pictures. I had been looking at the pictures of desert storm chllenger tank cammo nets unsuccessfully trying to figure out the exact color not knowing they actually had two different colors on both sides lol. Your explanations are excellent and have provided the clarifications I need.

Hi Clement
This might help a bit - this is a US Woodland net I got back in the 80’s, that we used for extra shade at the beach over summer. You can see the variation in sizes & colours & orientation quite readily.

And re the ‘popping’ -
with net placed on knees when sitting down, a hand on either knee to both restrain & tension the net. Using your thumbs outstretched, press down & brush back towards your fingers. You will feel/hear the pattern ‘pop’ - some what like popping bubble wrap, less noisy and constructive rather than destructive. Once popped you’ll find it bells out, rather than lying completely flat.
Do one patch then shift the netting across your knees until you’ve popped the lot.
Edges can be tricky - little room to hold onto, use one hand, on edge, to hold the very edge of the net, thumbing your way with the other hand.
Also the edge is designed to be removed, so that a square edge does not give away the net

A sharp pull of a short length, while holding the rest of the net in place on knee, eventually results in a thin square frame 2-3mm thick. You can use this frame as (hessian) strip cam, or as a tie down to attach the net, or garnish for a WWII style net.
The patterns are not straight but form a series of soft curves, that work better as camouflage than a perfectly straight pattern set would


The ‘popped’ net - the edge pieces centre of shot

Partially popped


Thanks so much. This is really helpful.

Hi Clement
Forgot to mention, the net is a type of nylon, so if you decide to cut it, the cut edge will fray. So a heated wire may be best, or normal cutting with application of fabric glue after.


Thank you so much guys. I wanted to update you on the latest developments. I applied all the advice everyone gave and this is the result. I’m very happy with the camouflage netting now. Thanks guys. See pictures below.

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Hi Clement
The net looks good, the Chally looks a bit too clean though.
What brand Chally is that? I know of individual Challenger 2 that have been returreted & backdated to Challenger 1. Is that one of those?


It was actually a 1:16 scale RC Heng Long Challenger 2. I removed the Challenger 2 turret and replaced it with a Challenger 1 turret which I fabricated from hard cardboard. True, it looks very clean. Lol. I’ll add crew stowage, jerry cans etc with time.

That’s some pretty darn good fabricating on the turret. Would’ve never guessed it was plain old cardboard.

Thanks so much. :blush:. These are the pictures of the fabrication process.

Apologies, it was a mistake. :grinning:. How do I delete it?

GO back to your post and simple delete that link. Replace it with the picture you actually meant to post.

Easy. :stuck_out_tongue: