Color for ODS sand camo

Hi All. Lots of views on desrt sand camo and I understand that MM Sable is best for modern desert camo. However, Im focusing on ODS now and I understand the sand color used to paint vehicles arriving varied due to quality and availability. Is MM Sable still the best choice for these ODS vehicles?

During Operation Desert Storm ('90-'91, a.k.a ODS or Desert Storm) the colors varied.

For vehicles that were already sand or were painted sand in the US, Testors Model Master Sand, FS 33531, is correct. I don’t know other equivalents, and luckily I have a stash of it.

Most other vehicles were quickly painted sand in Saudi Arabia when they came off ships. They were painted with a sand colored paint that was bought locally and peeled quickly. They looked pretty bad afterwards. Basically any sandy color that looks close will work for these vehicles.


Thanks Gino, helpful as always.

The more I read online about Model Master acrylics, the more confused I become. Some say Universal Airbrush thinner is the only thing that works. Another reckons distilled water is ideal.

Ive learned that MM acrylics must be primed and that Tamiya, for thinning, is a no no.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Sorry, I can’t help you there. I use MM enamel paints pretty much exclusively. I don’t like acrylics.

I would recommend using their thinner and add a drop or two of retarder. Best to experiment with the ratios to get the proper balance for your specific airbrush, temperature and humidity conditions, etc. Always best to practice on an old hulk or some other scrap before shooting your build. Good luck.

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