Color For Tiran 5

I’m building Tamiya’s Tiran 5,it has been a great little build so far,nicely detailed,the only thing i’m replacing is the one piece tracks and the string tow cables.

My question is about paint,in a lot of pictures that I see their color appears to be more of gray,I got this color from AK-Real, Sinai Gray,looks more yellow brown.Is it appropriate,there was recently a very nice feature build here and it looked gray,any thoughts or suggestions thanks

The color looks too sandy. If you can thin it with a neutral light grey (choose a shade that does not include green or blue shades) it will look ok. With a dark grey/black filter/wash your paint will look the part. Avoid brownish washes/filters if you want to avoid a change in shade. The vehicles were usually full of dust and that can be misleading (I am under the impression that they used to camouflage their vehicles by putting on wet sand of the particular area they operated but I have not confirmed it yet, I know that the IDF did this in the late 80’s early 90’s or at least some units).

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