Color of Pz IV G early

Probably been asked before but…

Going to build the newish Tamiya Panzer IV G early in North Africa. Would these have been shipped in the Panzer grey or were they delivered in the desert sand/tropical?


I remember there was a discussion about Afrika Korps colours over on the old forums.
From what I can remember, at some point new build vehicles destined for North Africa were painted at the factory in tropical colours. If that’s the case, a G would fall into that category. Most likely in the RAL8020 and 7027 colours.
I’m currently trying to find some answers and information about the paint schemes as I have a couple of DAK projects. It’s a bit tricky to find answers.
I had a look at the archived site to see if I could find it and add the link, but no luck I’m afraid.
Maybe someone else can provide a bit more information.

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Tropen Pattern - Factory Painted

  1. March 17, 1941 – Grunbraun RAL 8000 covering 2/3, Graugrun RAL 7008 covering 1/3.
  2. March 25, 1942 – Gelbbraun RAL 8020 covering 2/3, Sandgrau RAL 7027 covering 1/3.
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Yes on the 8020/7027. The Ausf G started production about two months after they adopted the new color scheme.

These 10th Panzer G’s at El Guettar look to be in the tropical colors. Notice the gray inner face to the turret side hatch. This is an original color photo, not computer colorized.

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