Color of Tiger 1 early

I have recently seen a Tiger 1 (early version) kit, with red oxcide primer applied to the outer hull, with the hull then painted the traditional dark yellow. However, the underside of the hull and the area above the track remains in red oxide. Is this an anomaly or was that common pratice? Not questioning the kit assembler, just like to see some verification if that painting scheme. Trust, but verify.


Tiger I tanks were painted in accordance to the following specifications;

There shouldn’t be any red oxide visible on the surface of early to mid-war Tigers.

If people want to speculate on the appearance of rebuilt or relic Tigers in such ad hoc, extremely late-war units such as Gruppe Fehrmann, Panzergruppe Paderborn, Panzerlehrabteilung Putlos and others, photographic evidence of these units ranges from scant to nonexistent. The appearance of such vehicles ranges into the realm of artistic license.


That is artistic license. German tanks were painted covered completely in Dunkelgrau or Dunkelgelb, including the underside.

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The earliest German WW2 AFV, I’ve see with exposed red oxide primer was on the fenders. It was a Stug III built in the latter part of 1944. This detail was shared by Hillary Doyle in a video with Sofilein.

For 1943 era Tiger 1’s large areas of exposed red oxide sounds like the realm of artistic license to me.

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