Color of type 79 chinese main battle tank

I need to know the camo pattern and colors for a type 79 battle tank. I have a kit by trumpeter, but a majority of the assembly instructions are in chinese. It only has the colors for the road wheels, (which are white for an example), and a few other small part. Thanks in advance for anyone answering my request.
I failed to mention I need the FS number or the manufacturer number such as mig938.211 (the last example I made up but just wanted you to get the idea what am I looking for). I am somewhat color blind, that is why the paint numbers are very important to me. Sorry I left that out of the first post. Again thank you for any replies in advance.

That depends on when/where you want it to represent. The Type 79 is a next gen Type 59 (copy of the Russian T54) with improvements from the T62 added to them. It has been around since 1984 and used across many of the world’s hotspots since then, up until about 2002. The best bet is to find a pic you like of one and copy it.

Some examples:

Gino, T-62 ? Are you sure ?
The turret is from T-54/59 origine, the front wheels spacing too.

Good catch. You are correct. They are actually next gen Type 59s with improvements from the T62 added to them. Not straight T62 copies. Above post fixed.

For what it’s worth…

The Type 79 is fitted with a 105 mm gun.


Those are Type 69s.