Color & Pigment Sets from LifeColor | Armorama™

Here we get a look at three new offerings from LifeColor to get the finishes you ar looking for.

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What does the title have to do with these sets? The only, small connection I can make is the dust set. As I have said before, most of these Site Content titles are really bizarre and usually are not intuitive to what they are referring. I don’t see the point in being all secretive about it.


I’d have to think it’s a trend towards a more click-baity format. It’s intended to draw you in and evoke a response. I’m not criticizing it but that’s what it seems to be.

I was also puzzled by the title, I presume it was copy/paste gone wrong… I edited the title, hope you don’t mind Darren.


EDIT: This was posted under “reviews”, but I think these are in fact new products from LifeColor.