Color-PRACTICE Tutorials for Modellers

Hi all,
here the link to a video tutorials serie (in progress…) about color knowledge, paint mixing, lighting, shading, weathering and so on.
Hope you like it, and if…subscribe the YT channel, thank you.



Always good to remember the basics!


Hopefully a good portion of this information will be naturally intuitive, or already acquired knowledge to many people. But we all need to start somewhere in our color knowledge and this YT video is a good place to do it.

Yes, thanks for posting.

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Thanks for posting. There’s always someone newer to the hobby who hasn’t seen this explained before (like me).


GREAT opening graphic there at the beginning - it really pulls in the viewer to the topic!

Thank you !
We are now at video 6 :slight_smile: LINK
img video 6 ES col_nwl