Color recommendation for modern British Green

I just ordered RFM Challenger 2. I wonder what color will be the best match for Challenger2 tank. Judging from my experience back in 2015, I will go for a mixture of XF-67 and XF-62. Are there any colors for Challenger 2 tanks available?

Sounds about right, my go-to for NATO is:
XF-67 NATO Green
XF-69 NATO Black
XF-68 NATO Brown
XF-85 Rubber Black

Works for me…

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Like Jon said above, for me its always Tamiya NATO green or AK RC 080 is a nice shade as well. You really cant go wrong with either. And the Tamiya NATO black is pretty spot on. Not tried the AK NATO black though.

To me, plain XF-67 is too green.

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Its all down to the individual eye. I was on them for 22 Years and for me Tamiya NATO green is fine. Take into account tone variations, faded paint jobs, age of paint etc etc and if you need to add a bit of something to alter the tone then thats for the individual to decide.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen any British kit in the shade of green that I’m seeing on that LVTP-7 ( or whatever it’s called now).

Humbrol HU8 was a good match back in the 80s and that was intended to be FS34102, so unless the actual colour has changed recently, which I haven’t noticed, I’d look for a match to that. Obviously being a British colour, it is not designed to match an FS one😉

That´s my try on my still unfinished Trumpeter Chally.

I think it´s a good match compared with the original picture.


I used Humbrol 163 on a Chieftain a few years ago. Looked to be a perfect match for the paint used on a Scimitar I once climbed all over.
I don’t know if the shade has changed in recent years, but it might be a starting point.
They make it in acrylic as well as enamel.

I would post a photo of the Chieftain, but that ones still on a shelf round my parents.

I’ve used Tamiya XF-65 Field Grey as the green on a Chally in green/black camo to good effect. To me XF-67 is far too bright green. And these days I use a 50/50 mix of black and NATO black to do the black bits, as NATO black alone is a tad too grey…

I agree. Tamiya Field Gray works very well.

I find this works for me:

Only kidding; the paint is beyond repair I think but I do use the drips for reference; in all honesty, I try and not get too wrapped around the axle when it comes to paint schemes in 1:35. Tamiya Field grey is very good and Ihave used Humbrol Lt Olive before now, although I try and save that for my Sov models. I do note that the images of newer kit (eg the Challenger 3 reviewed elsewhere) do seem to indicate a more olivey (is that even a word?) colour. I might do troop trials with Revell Enamel SM 361 which I’ve recently acquired.

I thought for a minute you were gonna say you dipped the finished models in that tin! :grin:

@BootsDMS Brian, with a little Tamiya Lacquer thinner that paint should be good to go!


Ah, rumbled! You’ve clearly seen the finish on some of my efforts Tom!

A couple of years back I did pry the lid off and give it a stir; it was like tar. I suppose if I’d persevered for half a day I might have gotten somewhere. After all, the label says it is indeed for spraying(!)

I had a similar tin for Deep Bronze Green, but my wife, in a fit of shed-tidying zeal, threw it out. Surely no Judge in the land would convict me, would they…?


A ‘jury of your peers’ would mean a jury of model builders - ‘Justifiable Homicide your Honour’. :grimacing:


Brilliant! Just what I was hoping for!