Color schemes - F6F-3 Hellcat WW II

Needing help here again folks. Needs top & bottom pics or color schemes for the
F6F-3 Hellcat WW II fighter 1943 Yorktown Carrier base, VF-5

This might be of interest.

USS Yorktown CV-10: Grumman-f6f-hellcat-color-photographs

There’s also a Hellcat picture 3 months later etc on USS Yorktown and other carriers of same time period in 1943.

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Early 1943, such as for shakedown cruise, the aircraft would be in the early war Blue Gray over Light Gray scheme. By the time that Yorktown went into combat in the Pacific, the aircraft would be wearing the “tri color” scheme of Sea Blue, Intermediate Blue, and White

early 1943

late 1943 to late 1944


Great pics. The tricolor one is what I’m going to use. Thank you.

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Glad that the photos are what you could use. Here is an article with a lot more information.

USN Carrier Aircraft Markings

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Again. Thanks. A lot more to pick from. A lot of the F4U also.