Color wood panels us trucks

Hi, I was wondering what color the side wooden panels on an M-35 truck are ?
Is is green or sand ? Or are they in an wood/brownish color ?


They are painted the same color as the rest of the truck. I am assuming you mean the troop seats and rails of the cargo bed as these are the only wood parts.


Hi Gino

Yes, those are the parts i was talking about.
Thanks for your fast reply !


Because of the difference in texture between wood and steel (on the real ones), is there any visual difference in the finish of the paint? :thinking:
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@Biggles50 not on the trucks I worked on at Ft Hood, everything was painted carc sand and covered wood and steel the same monotone color.

Same thing in the old MERDC colors days… the wooden areas had camo paint matching the adjacent metal areas so that the pattern was continuous.

Thanks guys for all the input !


kinda glossy looking O.D. paint. Nothing fancy and nothing to make you comfortable.