Colors & Markings of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat Part 1 | AeroScale

Detail & Scale has published in print three volumes looking at the Color and Markings of the F-14 Tomcat in US Navy service. Tim takes a look at Part 1 covering the Atlantic Fleet and Reserve Squadrons

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Hi Tim,
Is this the printed version of the digital book I reviewed in 2016?
AeroScale :: Detail & Scale Aviation Publications U.S Navy Tomcat Squadrons Review
Andy :slight_smile:

Hi Andy
Its the printed versions of Part 1: Atlantic Fleet and Reserve Squadrons. I have Part 2: Pacific Fleet and Reserve Squadrons which is a separate book to review too.
tim :smiley:

Wow, F-14s were colorful. The only one I’ve built was Monogram’s in the early 70s. This book calls me to build another.

I still have a Monogram 1:48 scale Tomcat. I bought it at a Air Show at RAF Valley, then discovered the Academy Tomcats. I can remember building five of Academy’s quarter scale Tomcats. I must admit I didn’t find them to difficult to build in the late 1990’s and accepted the slight discrepancy in its shape. Then again we had different expectations of plastic kits back then :smiley: