Colour match for Tamiya spray paint

I have just used Tamiya TS-8 (Italian Red) for the body colour of my Fiat 1500 racer, but need to touch up small areas. I am aware that the spray paint can be decanted into a container and carefully brush-painted. However, since this is a lacquer gloss paint, my white spirit (used for thinning enamels and cleaning brushes) is of no use with this type of paint. Does anyone know of an enamel or acrylic paint that would be a perfect match for the Tamiya TS-8? Alternatively, what is the the correct thinner/brush cleaner for Tamiya gloss spray paints?



Maybe try Tamiya’s new lacquer jar paints. They have LP-21 Italian Red and hopefully matches the spray can version.
Says it can be brushed on also.
For the thinner get the Tamiya yellow cap lacquer thinner.

Hope this helps

Why not get lacquer thinner for use with decanted paint from spray can ? Or do you have an airbrush to spray the decanted paint ?

Thankyou both for your very helpful suggestions.


The paints in that Tamiya uses in the rattle cars are lacquer but not the same as their LP line from what I’ve heard. I’m not even sure that the decanted paint is brushable or not. If you have an air brush, just decant, thin with lacquer thinner and air brush.