Colour of the inside compartment ( engine and transmission) of a SDkfz 138 GRILLE

Hello gentlemen, could you help me in finding the colour needed for the inside compartments ( engine, transmission) of the sdkfz138 GRILL (Panzer 38), and maybe the colour of the engine it self ant transmission . Many thanks, many tanks.

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The compartment color would be red oxide. It is distinctly red and has no brown in it at all. See here for color reference -

The engine and transmission would be semi-gloss black.


Thank you for your help , do you know by chance some references ? Tamiya, Revell, Humbrol, Model masters or maybe RAL?

The only company that I am aware of that makes a true red oxide is Lifecolor. UA 231 German Oxid Rot. It’s an acrylic, but it’s the best acrylic on the market, IMHO. Others may know of more out there. Semi-gloss black is a universal color.

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Many thanks , Matthew.