Colour scheme B24 Spotted ~Ass Ape

Hi,Anyone know what colour the underside of the wings on B24 “Spotted Ass Ape” were? The forward part of the aircraft and wing tops were white but so hard to tell from old photos if the undersides of the wings were white too or grey.

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Welcome to the forum! Kit instructions are notorious for getting things wrong, but it appears the wing undersides were white, according to them. It only makes sense - assembly aircraft needed to be easily spotted from any angle. However, a painting of the plane shows the gray.

Hi many thanks for your reply.The DN decals apear to show grey undersides but viewed from the side they look white! Very confusing,but given the whole of the rest of the forward section is white it makes sense the underside of the wings were white too.Thanks again

I have to reconsider. Another photo of the actual plane sure makes it look grey. Like I said, kit instructions… :thinking:
If I were to build it I’d go with the grey.

l think you are right.l haven’t started building yet but will see if l can do some more research.Appreciate your views.

This aircraft?


Yep! that’s the one.

One of several paint schemes for Assembly ships.

Comparing the wings of the two “regular” B-24’s forming up behind Spotted Ass Ape I get the impression that the undersides of the wings are dark.

A light coloured wing seen from below up against a bright sky is less visible than a dark wing.
Light coloured undersides is camouflage (to prevent the aircraft being seen as a black cross against the sky) so a dark underside would make more sense for an assembly aircraft.

Any support for bare metal? In the scheme(s) SableLiger posted the wing undersides look reflective – the big first picture in that post isn’t a photo but a (very good) painting so not necessarily accurate regarding gr*y.

Yes,the 458th BG assembly ship.Pretty sure it might be grey under the wings but no conclusive proof.The decal shheets are confusing.

Hi,thankyou for your post.Yes l am almost certain it would be the grey.

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When you look at Robin’s picture, you can easily see a clear demarcation line on the engine cover from green on the upper to grey on the underside. Surely the grey would continue to the underside of the wing as well ?

Hi, Yes that would seem to be right.l think when l make it l will compromise and paint it a very light grey! l know it will hardly show as most models are seen and pictured from above or the side and also with the undersides facing down they would look darker anyway.

My personal, almost totally unscientific, guess is that the underside of the wing has the same colour as the aft fuselage.
This is only my purely personal opinion.