Colours for modern US Navy ships


I am searching for acryl or lacquer colours of modern US Navy ships. Are there any recommendations? Is there a brand with all necessary colures to paint a modern US Navy ship? (In this case a Zumwalt destroyer)

I know they are available as enamel colures but what is with acryls or lacquers? I discovered the Mission Model colours and their Neutral Haze Grey MMP-114. But I miss deck greys or the anti-fouling red for modern US navy ships (maybe Hull Red Anti Fouling Norfolk 65A MMP-111).

Thank you for your help in advance.


I have used Tamiya XF-19 (sky grey) which seems a decent color for the Haze grey and Tamiya XF-63 (german grey) for the decks on my Modern USN ships and they have come out looking pretty good.

I have also used the MM Haze and its a good color. I just find tamiya paints (and similar brands like Mr. Colour) easier to handle and they are more consistent. I have had real issues with MM paints.

An example of one of my ships using the Tamiya combo.

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