Commander Spock, two sided diorama - 1:12 scale

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Next Star Trek 2 in 1 dio/display is Spock. 1:12 scale


Spock - is from Mezco Toys and I repainted his heads, hands and equipment using Vallejo Paints.

Base - Spock’s station is made from foam board and the screens are pics I got of the net and resized them and printed them off and glued them on.

The instrumant panels and buttons are all done using plastic card and the access screens below the station was done using fly screen and plastic card.

The other side of the dio/display was again done using foam for the wall and then peeling some of the paper off and then scribing the brick work into the foam using a sharp pencil.

The door was done using balsa wood and the latch and bolts were done using plastic card, The dirt was done by mixing sand and spakfilla together then applying it to the base and once dry several washes of beige brown were used to get the colour I wanted. On both sides Vallejo and Army Painter paints were used to paint the base.



Really good job on the scene and the double aspect

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i have agree with the double diorama idea, excellent idea.

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@Johnnych01 & @Klaus-Adler - thanks so much guys.