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Here's a look at Planet Models' 1:48 resin kit of the Australian Winjeel trainer.

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Great review Rowan, a cool little aircraft that will probably find its way into my stash in the future.

A few years back I managed to get an invitation to a house not far from home where a Winjeel was being restored in a backyard shed. It was great an opportunity to get physically “hands-on” with a 1:1 project.

Cheers, D

Cheers Damian

The Winjeel really is a very nice kit, whichever boxing you go for.

Everything’s a bit up in the air here at Castle Aeroscale, because it’s unclear if we’re going into lockdown on the Isle of Wight like the rest of the region. If we do, I’ll be put on part-furlough at work, so I’ll finally have some quality time to spend at the workbench and the Winjeel will be at the head of the queue of new projects! :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best

Rowan :beer:

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