Comparing dragon and rye field 1/35 scale panther ausf.F

Hello, since I got dragon rèf 6917 and the rye field kit, why not compare them? First, we’ll see the box content of each kit, then the accuracy.

-Dragon rèf 6917


-Rye field rèf 5045


The next post will be on the accurarccy of the 2 kit. I’m going to say that I already prefer the rye field one becuase it’s cheaper than the dragon in europe (as flintheart glomgold would say “the best of the cheapest!”), it got the correct stowage bin for the IR equipment, and it propose roughly the same option as dragon (with some plus like the alternative suspension for the steel wheel or the prototype schmalturm variant), the rye field also seem more accurate for me.

Onto the accuracy of the rye field kit now. He share some part with the jagdpanther and panther G kit. If you want to put the sperber stowage bin, you’ll still have to correct the support on the rear as shown in this track link thread I think the 7,5cm L/100 would have make somewhat more sence on a panther G/A/D than a F (surprise that dragon didn’t do that one). While my source do mention alternative suspension for the panther, it doesn’t seem the steel wheel from the panther G were planned (spielberger still suggest it in the first panther and variant edition). Note that rye field provide the correct prototype turret with the antenna on the cupola, wouldn’t have mind a muzzle break for the short 7,5cm though.

DS tracks… :poop:

Cool idea! Look forward to,the build reviews.

Looks like the premium rebox of the old 1994 Dragon Panther II comes with a couple of nice looking Panther mantlets. The one with chin armor looks pretty sweet.

question onto the air defence armor provided by dragon in the 6917 rèf and in rye field model upgrade, we agree that it was field modification right? I could find it done on normal G turret, but I couldn’t find much on the engine deck one

Pretty sure you could use the rye field upgrade on other kit (trmpeter E-50 or dragon panther F), thanks for your answer and I decided to not bought it, I don’t mind the absence of schurtzen.

Personally, since this is a “what if, I’d buy their detail set as I like the looks of the extra armor on the turret roof and back deck.

Hopefully, next year will confirm your thoughts that the RGM Panther II update set fits the 1994 Dragon #6027 Panther II. Had a copy of the old Panther 2 and picked up the RFM update for it a few months ago.

the one with the wrong schmalturm? I prefer the AH kit (that I can’t finnish because I got out of paint and the model shop is close, yay)

Yes, that one. May add Zimmerit and paint it in Panzer Gray & Olive Green as that would look cool with the infra-red toys since it’s all paper panzer fantasy land.

bit of a plan change, the dragon will be a steelwheel panther G repaired with a somewhat normal but different schmalturm (a variant with a different range finder than the one they went with, I don’t think the difference would be visible at 1/35 scale). The armor of the dragon kit will be use on my trumpeter E-50, I got my grasp on the frist panzerwreck and it showed me these armor were more improvisation/field modification.

A zimmerited panther II would be a first and original with the IR (don’t forget the stowage bin)

how can it be a field modification for a tank that never got produced?

If you have an imaginary tank, it’s easy to imagine imaginary field mods - I imagine :slight_smile:

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ah que vu que c’est du “et si…”, on peut faire des technicals imaginaires aussi

Note that the panther got its share of field modification like the turret/rear deck armor or the bergepanther with a panzer IV turret