Compatibility of different varnish

I’m making a water base for a model. Waves are modeled with Das and airbrushed with Tamiya. I want to brush on clear acrylic varnish for final water effect, then, when thoroughly dry, spray with a clear gloss lacquer. Might there be any unfortunate disagreement between the acrylic varnish and the lacquer varnish?
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Hi Leo,

All I can say is, BE CAREFUL, TEST FIRST!

On my Ryujo sea base the initial coat on the base was Tamiya acrylic blue with enamel paints for the wake. I was happy with the result.

Then I went back to touch it up and gloss coat with lacquer – with HIDEOUS results:

The lacquer was so “hot” it also attacked the underlying acrylic coat. The blue acrylic paint came apart in revolting, gelatinous sheets… UGH. Completely unsalvageable, I stripped the whole paint job away to the enamel primer (which the lacquer had also attacked) and had to start the painting completely again.


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Yeah. Thanks. Think I’ll finish up with the acrylic varnish.
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:scream::scream: and it was very nice looking base before the evil gloss coat.