Comrade Emcha M4A2 76mm

My first post on the new Armorama!
I have started to build two Shermans, but i had no proper models, so i had to swap parts. From DML M4A2 late i wanted to build USMC M4A3 from Iwo Jima. I acquired Italeri M4A3 76mm whose parts i used for this project. With the remaining parts i started to build M4A2 76mm from Soviet forces during liberation of Berlin. Having a 76mm turret with split hatchm there were only few available photos of such vehicles in the Red Army, so i started one with IS2 in the background.

As things might be visible from open hatches, i used RFM instructions for Sherman with interior to scratchbuilt something that will closely reseble Sherman interior visible through open hatch.
I added texture to the armor and applied some letters on the hull.
Under construction


Several pics from work in progress, as i managed to scratchbuilt interior and “close” the tank:
IMG_20210324_133355 IMG_20210324_133402 IMG_20210324_133408 IMG_20210324_133414 IMG_20210324_133425 IMG_20210324_133434 IMG_20210324_133440 IMG_20210324_133445 IMG_20210324_133450 IMG_20210324_133456 IMG_20210324_133502