Confused about which Abrams Im actually building . help?

What are the boxes to tick for building an IFOR (91 tank) or KFOR M1A1 Abrams tank ca mid to late 1990s?

  1. Should it have an APU in the rear basket and if yes, is there an armored conduit for the wires behind the APU (on turret roof) and if yes, do the wires keep running to the hatch or they end at the conduit?

  2. Can the tracks be square shoe 158 style?

  3. can the smoke grenade launchers be usual triangle style, or they must be Marines style for IFOR mission?

  4. CIP - do both IFOR and KFOR tanks had CIPs on turret (cheeks on front, 2 sides, 1 rear)

  5. Did they use in IFOR or KFOR Barracuda nets at all (the SAAB ones).

Yeah, I know, oddly specific.

Im final stages of restoring a Revell 1/35 kit, which is labelled as M1A1 on the box, M1A1 (HA) on the paint call outs in tri-color CARC (and WarThunder tells me HA is only Marines so then smoke launchers are wrong). I did built the APU from scratch, but not sure how the armored conduit looks like in detail and how far wires extend (WarThunder on M1A1 AIM continues them to hatch but on M1A1 HA ends at the conduit). Im a bit confused now what the heck Im building, but the spirit of rivet counting I wanna make sure I get it right.

Here is my proposed fit:

  1. CIP panels all around
  2. Triangular smoke grenade launchers (covered in canvas)
  3. APU unit built, in the basket. Conduit and wires not built - this is to be determined with your help
  4. Type 158 AFV Club workable tracks
  5. 3-4 ammo boxes as storage, 4 backpacks, few more tarps, spare wheels and tracks. Cable to jump start the tank wrapped on one of the smoke launchers.
  6. Tri-color CARC camouflage.

Anything looks odd or out of place?

APU cabling ties into the smoke grenade launcher conduit & enters the turret with that cable , army Abrams always mount the triangular launchers. Here is the applicable page from the TM

And here is what it looks like on my WIP Dragon Abrams

Yes on everything in your proposed fit, this photo is from Europa Militaria #22

What you have listed is correct. An M1A1 HA was not just a USMC tank. It was a tank with depleted Uranium armor, which made it heavier than other M1A1s. Also, I wouldn’t use WarThunder as a reference for anything, it is just a game, not a reference site.