Consolidated B-24 Liberator recommendation needed

Hello guys,
Looking for a recommendation for best Consolidated B-24 Liberator either in 1:72 or 1:48.

I have the Airfix, Revell and Academy 1/72’s. My verdict:
Airfix, stick clear of. Poor fit, rubbish transparencies, no interior to speak of, toy like working features. Good decals though.

Revell, good surface details for its age, transparencies better than Airfix, seems to fit better (dry fitted only so far), hardly any interior, working features but a bit more scale like.

Academy, probably the best of the three I have. Fine surface details, good fit. Basic interior (at least it has a bomb bay), transparencies are better but turrets are moulded in two part and leaves an ugly seam through the middle.

Hasegawas is supposed to be light years ahead of all of those.

Hope it helps.

never seen the Airfix kit in the flesh, but have heard bad stories about it for what seems like forever.
The Hasegawa kit is by far the best, but still not perfect (just fine for me). The Academy kits are nice, but be careful on what you desire. None will build itself into a Willowrun airframe (Ford built), and the Hasegawa won’t either.

For 1/48th, the Revel / Monogram is it. On the otherhand, they seem to be hard to get. Keep hoping that HKM does one.

In 1/72, Hasegawa / Eduard.

In 1/48, as Gary said, there is only Revell / Monogram, either B-24D or B-24J. They are both good kits for their time (good overall shape, raised panel lines, simplified details, fit issues) and with some TLC can be built into excellent models. There are plenty of aftermarket helps and decal options for them both.

Thank you guys, for your assistance!
Have a great day,

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When I was looking at buying a B-24 I was shocked how few options there were

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@Mead93 it baffles me too. For a bomber that holds the record for numbers built, it’s strange how neglected it has been. I expect either Airfix or Revell will do a new tool in the next couple of years. They can do affordable and good quality 4 engine heavies and it’s one of the few remaining types. If they can knock one out for half the price of the Hasegawa, they’d be onto a real winner.
I think Airfix would most likely do a Halifax first, but a B-24 will eventually arrive.

I like the 1/72 scale kits that are out there right now.Academy offers the most options and the best price. Yet nobody has done the Ford nose! And Ford built more B24’s than anybody; figure that out! The Royal Coastal Command B24’s seriously give you some real options, and once again are ignored. I have one B24d kit and only wish I could snag three more (well really five). Add to this, a B17h!!!

Hobby Boss seriously screwed the pooch when they tooled the B24 in 1/32 scale! Kinda hoped HKM would do one, and then later a 1/48th kit. I honestly look for Revel to retool the Lancaster and Halifax (more like revised tooling). Yet everytime we see a most wanted kit list you will see the B32 right up there on the list! Another most interesting four engined airframe I’d honestly like to see is the Avro York and the transport version of the B24.