Converted Wartime GMC "Deuce & a Half Locomotive"

I’d love to see it. Not many places pole cars any more.
I can scan a few more photos if you like. I suppose Roco does an HO half track. :grinning:

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Hello i’m new on your forum, my name is Frédéric i’m military modeller since 1978.

I would like to post on the subject of the GMC Road Rail because I am also in the process of assembling the same type of vehicle but based on the two archive photos posted a little above
as soon as the forum allows me to do so I will post my photos

Regards Frédéric (from Corsica)

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Welcome. Glad to have you aboard!

This one has been a “shelf queen” for many months now!

My “Buffers” are actually Panzer return rollers using only one sanded down wheel.

Best photo to-date:

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Thank you !

Hi Mike, so yours is still a work in progress? Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about my stalled build! :slight_smile:

Maybe we need to finish both in my soon-to-be-announced Convoy pt2 campaign…

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Here my version of GMC Road Rail
I use Tamiya GMC, the cabin is a conversion resin Master Productions
and Rail Whells Tank Work Shop

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Frederic this looks like a good start! Can’t wait to see how the Masters cabin goes together - I picked one up at a recent show but I haven’t tried to do anything with it yet.

Thank you Master Productions cabin is an excellent conversion but now it’s very difficult to find it

Here some pictures :

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The cabin is assembled, the interior is painted then fixed to the chassis


That does look good!

Did yours come with window glass? Mine didn’t but it should be easy to cut from clear sheet…

Thanks about window glass it is not provided you have to cut it out like you

In any future CCKW conversions I suggest you try using the Italeri enclosed cab that comes in their Water Truck kit. Much cheaper and you get all those spare parts.

I’m agree with you about but I tried to adapt the Italeri cabin to the Tamiya kit but I couldn’t do it :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

Here the buffers on my version

tampon arrière


It’s looking good! Those buffer beams are great!

Strictly speaking the truck in the pics has the hole in the roof for the gun ring, but is covered over by canvas and there is no evidence of the ring mount itself. You could do this version with the Italeri cargo truck that has the hole, but you would still need the Tamiya wooden cargo bed. And the railroad wheels are a different “solid” style rather than the fancy spoked resin ones. But there will have been quite a few conversions and each would be slightly different, so it’s all good!..

There were at least two different versions of the prototype rail wheels if not more. Probably thrown together by the local railroad maintenance shop.

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Yup - none of these was a factory design! I’m sure the wheels depended on what a local machine-shop could whip up on a truck rim, and the exact type of cab was just whatever CCKW they could grab from the Motor Pool…

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