Love it Nick, very cool and unique (as always with your builds mate!).

Cheers, D


A strange looking truck ! Nice built ! :+1:


We’re not worthy!

That’s a mighty fine build and finish you pulled off!


Oh boy! That is AMAZING! :heart_eyes:


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Another classic to add in the garage mate. And those photos!! I thought the first image was a real reference picture… Excellent work :+1::+1:


You got me too Nick, wondering how well you’d replicated these 1:1 reference photos, it was only a teeny thing that gave it away. Seriously I don’t think the real thing would look as realistic as this does, the paint job is Perfection.


Yep, had me fooled too… fantaztic :+1::+1:

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Hi Model builders, glad to hear this passes your eye test :face_with_monocle: :smile:

@AussieReg, @terminator, @justsendit

Mike nailed it as a welders rig!


The project is based on this old Ford - though it’s a 1948, it is a 4x4 crew cab, with a service body and gin poles. I decided on the welder’s bed for some variety - and had to do the 4x4 :smile:

@barkingdigger, thanks, a fine, ratty old truck!

@Johnnych01, @Dioramartin, @bwilt, thanks guys, I appreciate it. I really enjoy taking outdoor pics of the final build. They don’t lie! good or bad!.

Tim, yeah…the great outdoors highlights the bad - while you didn’t share what you saw, my bet is it’s that the left rear, inner tire is not touching the ground! :man_facepalming: :smile: I saw that, but like the rest of the picture enough to be willing to overlook that flaw! Oh, and if you keep looking, you’ll see a variety of subtle blunders with the paint…I should have taken more time, alas, I didn’t!

Back to the wheels. The wheels on this are made up of parts from several 1/35 and 1/25 kit remnants which took some time to figure out. The rear duals should have been fine!! But, well, you can see - lol - So, if you’re cutting plastic tube, keep the cut square!!



Good thing I’m not a gambling man…but problem? What problem?

Still working on my guntruck (Tatra SOT from MMK MODELS)

A few issues with the parts need to be fixed.

Scratbuilt forgotten rounded part on the right of the dashboard


Annnnnd my entry is a Mack “Bulldog”

Started the hood and cab assembly.


This is a nice surprise, seeing a 1/72 scale kit being built. As a Braille scale builder myself, I have a keen interest in all 1/72 builds.
Hope this one will be completed soon, as these RPM kits are not always easy to assemble


I love the nose on those Macks! Looks like a fun build.

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I am getting ready to join as well. The italeri tankwagen. Looks like a good kit.

I have not decided on a scheme yet, but something with dark yellow.

More to follow :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Jesper, looks like a fun kit!

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A very nice kit - went together perfectly. Well engineered!
First time I used the night cement from Ammo. Quite good quality and shows clearly where there is excess glue to be removed. Very revealing :wink::sweat_smile:

More to follow :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello fellow truckers!
It’s been a while since I’ve posted any progress here. I’m back in the formation with my two entries:
• Roden (ROD 738) VOMAG 8LR LKW WWII German Heavy Truck
• Special Armor (72001) HANOMAG SS-100 Gigant “Schwerer Radschlepper” Heavy Tractor

Got a bit of primer sprayed onto the sub-assemblies today.
• Tamiya (85006) Matte Black (TS-6) (rattle-can)

Hmmm… which truck is which now? :thinking:

[EDIT] Images added.

Painted undercarriages and engines.

VOMAG 8LR LKW (left) HANOMAG SS-100 (right).

VOMAG 8LR LKW engine.




Time is short but I really want to build a GAZ-AAA for this campaign so…

It seems like a fairly straight forward model. Hopefully, it will not take too long to build and paint.



Be wary of the tires. They can be a PITA getting each layer assembled correctly. Light, horn, and the hood latches are also in the same category. Otherwise, a really nice kit!



Unfortunately, I must withdraw because my model building luck continues to be terrible.

After building the engine and all wheels, I discovered my model has the wrong sprue of frame parts. There is no way to recover.


Edit (1/24/2024): At Angel’s suggestion, I emailed MiniArt customer service, asking to purchase the missing sprue.

Edit (1/26/2026): A representative from MiniArt customer service contacted me. I provided the requested information including a picture of the model to confirm ownership.