Copper State Models: Ehrhardt M.1917 | Armorama™

Test build photos of Copper State Models' upcoming 1/35 scale kit on the Ehrhardt M.1917 German armored car. Pre-orders will come with a limited edition Ehrhardt service and history book written by Stanislav Kirilets. Shipping to commence by towards early October 2022.

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Sign me up right now, so it can immediately add it to into the stash that will never be built!! Awesome looking kit! CSM sure fills a nice void in WW1 modeling.

This cannot be too far away then…

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Wow what a fantastic looking armored car. I need to get this one. CSM kits are beautiful.

Ordered straight from CSM. They are also releasing a PE set in October for this vehicle…and can be ordered thru HobbyLink Japan.

I hope some day they will do Spanish Civil War armored cars and tiznaos.

Hi, anyone know the status of this kit. I was looking at ordering one finally but it still says not available. Did they come out with it and it quickly sell out or are they just behind in producing?

My favourite plastic pusher expects it to arrive mid/late November.

I ordered straight from CSM (was cheaper than domestic) and this kit is yet to be released. It’s not out yet.

If you check out their FB page they have had updates about the delays. I’ve talked to Copper State in the last few days and they’ve finally received all the kits/components as of this week, and are starting to ship all the pre-orders. Not sure why the website is showing check availability/out-of-stock - it may just be they don’t want any new orders until they get all the pre-orders and orders to distributors sent out, or perhaps they aren’t sure yet if they will have any left. But if Copper State does not have any left, I’m sure they will be available elsewhere for at least some time.

I just checked the Copper State Models website and my kit shipped on November 29th.

After receiving the kit, and finding some of the best detailed plastic around, the kit also included a 73-page reference, softcover book, that measures 8 x 11. It’s loaded with vehicle history and quite a few photos. There is also a color artist print that is the same size and seems to be numbered. In the lower left-hand corner of the print there is seems to be a series number of which shows 019/215. If anyone has this remarkable kit with the book and print, see if in we’re in possession of a unique kit numbered feature. Not sure if I should build this kit quite yet until I get more information of the unique features presented, and if this kit happens to be a limited edition of some sort.

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