Copper State Models: Garford-Putilov Armoured Car | Armorama™

Announced last December 2022, Copper State Models is now closer to its release date. As there are quite a number of marking options, three kits will be issued to depict the subject as a vehicle during pre- and post- Russian Revolution, with the third being a special German version. Pre-orders will be taken by 1st of October 2023.

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Lovely! Another WW1 vehicle to add to the stash! While the release of 3 kits is nice, I wonder why 1 kit with additional markings would have been more prudent (I know, more sales with less decals for selling different versions).

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One sprue is marked for one version only, so it’s not just decal differences. This one has a very unique, hulking look that makes it very interesting. I will be buying one. Copper State Models produces exemplary kits.


The Garford-Putilov Armored Car has a pretty good history for such an unusual vehicle. 48 were produced. Knowing Copper State they will include many markings for each of the three kits. The German’s had captured at least 5 of them, only 3 rearmed with German guns, which means even the 2nd offering will have options. There could be 4 to 6 markings for each of the kits with the third one having some different color schemes. We will know more when we can have a peek at the instructions.