Correct me if I am wrong re: Takom Tiran

There are not many reviews on this kit. From the ones I found, they all say this kit only has markings and paint instructions for Tirans sold to other nations like Lebanon. But here are the decals posted on the outside of the box. There are also posted on the reviews. Aren’t they Israeli??? Thanks!


I have the kit. It’s very nice and I enjoyed it a lot. It can be built as IDF and SLA (South Lebanese Army). The SLA uses only the number decal though there are AM decals for SLA tanks.


You can choose if you want an IDF Tiran with the L7 gun or a Lebanese with the 100mm

From the kit instructions


Thank you fellas!! But aren’t all three paint schemes listed at the top as S. Lebanese? It’s just plain freaky. The outside of the box says IDF and the decals look to be IDF. But either there are no paint schemes for IDF or they mislabeled the one scheme that appears to carry the IDF markings, right? If not, what am I missing? I want to order one but want to make it IDF and don’t want to come up short with just Lebanese markings. Did the Lebanese use IDF markings too? I am so confused, I’m sorry. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

The only difference between the first decal option with the IDF Sand color should be the gun. The South Lebanese Army kept the IDF number plates on the vehicles. In fact the first decal option is actually an IDF vehicle used for training Lebanese tankers

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Thank you so much! I appreciate your insight!
Here’s one of the reviews I mentioned. Maybe you can see how I am confused. Well, to be honest, my wife could hand you a list of why I am confused!!!

IDF Tiran 4. 1:35 - Kits -

Yours too, huh?

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Ok, I get it.

Just my 0.02$ for the Takom kit: Follow the instructions, use the L7 gun, use the decals for the sand color scheme, even with the chevrons. You get an IDF vehicle which might be only missing a unit insignia on the fender. These are the equivalent MiniArt illustrations:

You can always source some insignia or even paint it yourself.

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…oh boy, yes sir! :smirk:

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Thank you, GT. I’ll just do that. I’ll look for a decent price for the MiniArt too.

Thank you! Dave

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The MiniArt kit is a bit more complex and requires more work. But in terms of accuracy is superior to the Takom one.

These are the MiniArt Tiran kits available

Without interior

With interior

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Thank you, Nikos!!! I doubt with my old eyes and patience level that I would be able to handle an interior kit, although learning about one of these whole tanks would be very interesting! I remember as a young modeler, the '60 and '70 kits had most of the parts labeled as to what they were, not just a number. Man, I learned a lot about planes, tanks, cars, you name it. I love the early Tirans with the 100mm barrel and the almost bare turrets. The idea that Israel used these captured/abandoned vehicles against their enemy is inspiring to me.