Correct Order Of Making A Model?

Is this right
Gloss Coat
Decals and A Wash
Decal Solution
Dull Coat

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I don’t think there is a correct way but that overall method is fine. Adjustments can and should be made based and the kit and what you want it to look like at the end. Pre painting parts, decaling etc might be easier and look better along the way instead of at the end.



As @Tank_1812 Ryan said.

We all develop our methods.

Mine is basically this:
Wash & dry model
Paint - airbrush
Paint detail w/brush
Let paint cure for a week
Gloss Coat
Decal Solution
2nd Gloss Coat - seal & obscure film
Flat coat
More Weathering

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  1. Build
  2. Paint
  3. Gloss
  4. Decals
  5. Decal Solution
  6. Gloss
  7. Washes
  8. Pin Washes
  9. Clear Flat
  10. Filters
  11. Oil Dot Staining
  12. Drybrushing
  13. Chipping & Scuffing
  14. Pigments
  15. Mount on a base so nobody touches the pigments.
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Sometimes you have to build in subgroups and paint as you go. Interiors and running gear are good examples. So are added gear. It makes painting those items/areas much easier.


you’ve all missed out the bit where it sits on the shelf for a month or two lol


Why so short of time? I mentioned what others do……I never finish so….


Depending on the kit , you have to leave space for banging your head against the wall, screaming, cussing , drinking , talking to yourself , and medications . :grin:
Hope all of you have a great/safe week !

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If each part require a different colours or in obscure, difficult to reach spots, then I paint 1st then assembling 2nd, it creates better contrast Imo. Nevertheless, more experienced painters can work it out even after assembled the model with their magic.

Question about decals and decal setting solution. Do you use the solution after the decal has dried or after it has been placed and is still wet/damp with water from application? I’ve always applied it when still wet/damp. Just curious.

I always use decal solution when the decal is still damp.

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Hah! So true! (to my eternal shame).

i put the decal on then use tamiya acrylic thinner X-20A and this softens the decal and helps it fit better.