Cougar Re Post

Posted this a while back. Just to refresh it and get it out of the grave… Anybody out thee have the Kittyhawk F9F-8/8P KH80127 and planning to build the 8P? I am looking for the standard nose parts. Sprue A1, E39 and GP1-3. Let me know and we can arrange something. TIA.

I am sure that I do, but I need to get the kit out and take a look. Let me check in with you tomorrow; feel free to contact me again if I’m moving slow.

Welcome to the group. Thanks. Trying to upgrade an F-9F3 to an Argentine F3 and they had theirs (at least some) updated with the radar altimeter used on the Cougars.

Gaaaary… This is your conscience speaking… Haveyou found those kittyhawk cougar parts??? :alien: