Could M54 hoops be used on M923

Hi All,

I’ve got the PE hoop kit for AFVs M54 and would love to know if this would fit Italeri’s M923/5.

The M54 is to be the basis of an M800 tractor so the brass is otherwise redundant.


They should in theory fit as the M900 was an evolution of the M54 using the same frame and bed. However, they will not without some modification since the Italeri M923/5 is too narrow by about 5mm. The AFV Club M54A2 bed is the correct width.

Thanks Gino. Was the M54 box used on the M923? I havent opened the M54 kit yet to compare, but Im just wondering if it could be used (maybe with modifications) on the kit. Otherwise it’ll go in the spares bin.

On the actual vehicle, the load boxes are the same size. The M923/5 used a slightly different box with tie-down loops inside (the circles on the outside surfaces), but they are the same size. The M54 Cargo box should fit OK on the Italeri frame, but the Italeri cab is too narrow as well. The whole kit is narrow. I don’t know how the AFV Club M54 box would look on it.

Good advice. Throw away the crappy Italeri kit and get the I Love Kit release.

Regrettably or not, I bought five Italeri M923/25’s as donors for wrecker, gun/dump truck,dump truck etc. I have one of the I Love kits too but will keep that for the second Gulf War collection.

Thanks Gino, helpful as always.