Cracked paint fix - please help

I thought I’d be posting some photos of my Ju-88 with the decals added tonight. But I was zipping along and noticed that the white band around the fuselage has some cracks in the paint. I’m trying to post a couple of photos but not sure how visible they will be.

I don’t think I’ve experienced this before. Is another layer of paint likely to fix this? Or do I need to sand it down some? Or what?

There is the horizontal panel line and 1 vertical one extending down from it. The cracks are the squiggels on either side.

Which type & brand of paint did you use?

Tamiya xf…

Was this the first coat of paint on that surface?


Sorry for the terse first response.

Base coat was Mr Surfacer then the fuselage was painted with MRP RLM colors, then that was masked and the white band was put on with Tamiya XF-2 (a couple of coats). My guess is that the XF-2 went down too heavy on that side in one of the coats.

My guess is I need to sand it a little bit and see if I can get it smooth and then repaint as necessary.

I was thinking that maybe the underlying coats hadn’t had time to harden properly before getting soaked with the next layer. Painting on top of an almost wet layer will work but if the previous layer has gone dry, but before hardening, there can be cracking. If the previous layer has hardened completely, which might take a few days, then the next coat will be safe.

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This is my first time using MRP paints and I like them quite a lot, but maybe there is something about them I need to learn here. I let them harden 24h at least as I put tape on top to mask off the area for the white band. It was a couple of weeks ago and I don’t remember clearly but I think it dried for 2 days before I did this step.

Hmmmm …
I would suggest testing the paints on some scrap styrene to see if it happens again.
Also gives you a possibility to check if sanding & repainting will work as expected …

so a gentle sanding of the white down revealed the coat of MRP paint underneath. It did not go to the primer layer, which I think is positive. Remasked and repainted and it’s fine. Not sure what I’ve learned…