Croatian M84A4

I want to put my M84A4 in the most current marking Croatia uses Im sure they have changed since Croatia became a NATO member does anyone have any info as to what those markings are?

So no markings at all? Not even a serial number?
also there is that small box with the raised circle on it Amusing hobby does not supply that is that spacific to the M84A4?

That’s the way it seems, unless the markings are on the right side of the turret, which more than likely will be numerals.

What about that little square box with the raised circle on it is that spacific to the A4 variant

Yes; Looks like the M84A4 is the only variant that has that peculiarly shaped box.

Here’s another image of the M84A4 (from Wikipedia).

i had one of thoes boxes for that dog of a kit the Kirin (dragon) M84 and i dont know what i did with it

:point_up:t3: this thing…

yes thats it
is that in your stash?

Nope, from eBay. there are four of these kits for sale there.

MIB M-84 Yugoslav/Free Kuwaiti Tank - Resin & Plastic kit - Kirin in 1/35 scale | eBay

Cheapest one of the bunch.

That box was also used on the Kuwaiti M84s during the Gulf War. I had to scratch build mine.

I don’t know who else may have used it.

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do you got the dimensions of it handy?
maybe i can get one one to 3d print it

I could measure it if you need, but I just eyeballed it, fitting it into the space between the main stowage box and the snorkel tube. I think I used a piece of Evergreen square tubing for the body, the circles are just wire.



That looks pretty good, Ken; Mark 1 Mod 0 eyeballs always on point. :wink:

If you dont mind measuring it id appreciate that and is it ok to save your pics for references


OK, the main box is 3/8" tubing approx. 12.6 mm long. The lid is a piece of scrap styrene slightly wider than the box. Basically, I glued the top on, then trimmed to size with my x-acto knife leaving just a slight lip around it. The circles are about 5mm. I wrapped the wire around something of about the right size, but I don’t remember what it was. It took about three tries to get it to look right. I used little slices of right angle strip plastic for the mounts.
Again, this was all done by eye, I make no guarantee as to the accuracy of it.

Go ahead, I do that all the time!

Thank you when i finish my M84A4 ill send you a pic
Im using Amusing hobbys new M84 for my build

Nice job