Crook Alert! - MikeGeorge10k

Do not deal with @MikeGeorge10k. He responded that he had the M142 tires I was looking for, took my money, and has gone dark since. Total crook.

Bummer man. There was a heads-up about this predator back in April

Missed that post. Bad on me.

Gino which kit is this bud and is it the kit parts or aftermarket items you were after?

I am looking for a set of the kit’s rubber tires from Trumpeter’s M142 HIMARS (01041). If you (or anyone else) replaced them with resin AM tires, I’ll take the left over rubber ones.

You can have mine! :smile:

Cheers Rob.

I had a similar experience with an individual (true identity unknown, but he had a paypal account in the name of Jan Nelson ) over on the All Scale modeller Forums. I was looking for Eduard ED49648, he claimed to have it, took the 30 US Dollars, then went quiet. He was using an email address - I always pay via paypal and they refunded the money, but was disappointed not to get the set! I suspect there are others out there looking to scam genuine people, but watch out for this guy.

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