Crusader AA MkIII scheme

What color would Crusader AA Mk IIIs most likely be? Conversions started in Oct. 43. SCC-2 was the color of record then. SCC-15 came in April 44. When did the conversions end? And how likely would a repaint to SCC-15 be. Unit I’m looking at is 1st Polish Armored Div., if that makes any difference. (“foreign” unit might not be at the front of the line for new equipment/ upgrades)

I went with SCC 15 on mine… AK Real Color version


Nice job. What kit?

‘A’ vhicles (AFVs) were prioritised for repainting before D-Day so SCC15 is more likely, especially as the Polish units didn’t arrive in Normandy immediately.

‘B’ vehicles (softskins etc) were more likely to be left in SCC2 until or unless there was time to repaint them. Repaints were done at workshop level rather than at central depots.

Thank you. That is the 1/35 Italeri kit. It was built for last years AMPS speed build contest in three four hour zoom sessions. Otherwise I could have fine tuned it a bit better.