Crusader Mk.III Border Model 1/35

Hi all,
I want to share my latest finished model. I had a lot of fun with this desert vehicle. Hope you like it.



Nice looking kit and a very nice realistic dusty desert finish … Well done :+1::+1:

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Ditto on the desert finish. :+1: :+1:

Great result!!

How did you find the border crusader? I’m looking at the Mk II

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Impressive build.

Ładnie sponiewierany! :clap:Tobołki na błotnikach domowej roboty?
Nicely battered! homemade fender tarpaulins?

Really impressive paint !

Always love the Crusader. Not the most effective tank in the theater, but it looked sharp. And by the time of the Mk.III was finally living up to the potential of the design.
Beautiful work!

Great build. Love the weathering job.

Very nice work and photography.

Beautiful rendering just what is needed.

Pascal76 :+1:

Really very well done. Congrats and keep it up! Tell us about the build and fit putting it together. What would you have the makers do differently? DAKjunkie

What color besides black did you use?

Really nice job on that Crusader ! Great job on the weathering.

absolutely gorgeous build!