Cuban model kits - what's out there

Sorry for my bad english…
It should be fine to know a list of cuban vehicle or figures produced.

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Nothing specific, except for some aircraft. I know the Cuban AF flew everything from MiG-15s to MiG-23s. And apparently, even a couple MiG-29s.

As for land forces. They have the usual fare in terms of Soviet era vehicles,


Thank you. I know that exist one sheet of decals for Sherman tank or Greyhound…

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A search on may help. It is a great resource.

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Yeah. Those were from the Cuban Revolution.

Star Decals makes them.

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Star Decals also does another set:

AK slipped in an option for the Comet same as Star decals version:

Not popular in Miami Florida… :joy:

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Cuban made Kraz 225 with 122mm gun 1



Cuban T62znr2hj

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More here :


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Thank you very much,guys!
This forum is very very friendly!!!


A load of cash could get you this 1/35 kit:
Cuban Jupiter gun truck


Nope. And I have family members that are Cuban American. So the sentiment down there is pretty damn strong.

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I lived there for a few years. Used to hit orange blossom hobbies and it was not a subject that was popular… even in the local clubs… something for the closet modeler :joy:

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Interesting idea. Drop an SA-2 ground launcher atop a T-55A hull.

A guy from So.Cal.AMPS did one of those T-54/SAM launchers on our GB for Nationals a few years back.

This is what Scalmates says is available for Cuban kit subjects in all scales.

Cuban Subjects

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Thank you very much,Stickpusher!

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