Cuckoo in action with 6th Guards Brigade November 1944

Seen photos of Cuckoo including in winter white but never seen film footage.


Can you imagine being a German soldier fighting against one of your own vehicles, now sporting a big white star onm the side? Guess you could ask the same from any of the Allies, who had to face off against captured equipment used by the Germans during the time.

British Universal (Bren Gun) Carrier fitted with three Panzerschreks.

British Sherman Firefly

We could do an entire thread on captured equipment used by the opposing side during WW2, just from all the imagery out there. :smiley:


Nice photos! What is on the back of that Universal Carrier?
Also I think those are ofenrohrs, not M1A1 bazookas. Very similar though! Ofenrohrs are basically Panzerschrecks but without the shield. I’m fairly certain they’re more commonly called Panzerschrecks but they are ofenrohrs. If I’m wrong, please feel free to correct me!

M1A1 Bazooka


Images for discussion only


The proper name is actually Raketenpanzerbusche 54. Panzerschreck was an unofficial name and ofenrohr was used in the early stages of the weapon’s development and included in some of the documentation. It is irrelevant if they had a shield or not, the same terms were used for all of them; the shield was added to later production versions of the RPzB 54 and a shorter version was also produced, the RPzB 54/1.
The Bren Gun Carrier, as you have noted, is carrying Panzerschrecks, not bazookas. Very different calibres - the bazooka was 57mm, the Panzerschreck 88mm. On the back of the carrier are 12 cases for the rockets, each holding 2.