Curious - How do you paint your builds?

I feel your pain…

How do you paint your builds?

Badly. The only advice I can give is that neither acrylics nor enamels adhere well over wax crayon…



You guys paint? LOL. I have considered just building and never painting because of the time it takes to paint, you have to prepare the model, prepare the paint, airbrush…

That being said I build as much as possible and then paint everything at one time. Once all the bits and bobs are painted hit it with a gloss coat for decals and pin wash then a dull coat of varnish and call it done. Not much into the whole weathering part.

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I don’t do this with tools, necessarily, but when I have parts I want to add later (due to painting issues, etc), I will use a little dab of latex rubber, using Woodland Scenics Latex Rubber Mold Maker. It acts like a frisket, you get enough to last years in one bottle, & is not terribly expensive. You do have to be sure to make the dab smaller than the glue area of the part. This is one reason why I leave tools on for painting…too hard to “hide” that glue join…


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As some others have said, I keep it as simple as possible. If the 1:1 original was likely painted in one pass, and provided the construction/sub-assemblies allow it, that’s what I do. I mix my own paints & make sure I’ve got enough left over for touch-ups or sub-assemblies that may have had to wait. And a bit more for what Mike F. said, the unpainted bits only photography reveals.

But I’m a heretic, no airbrushing - it’s all a variety of soft brushes to get into all the nooks & crannies.

I do pre-muddy bogies before fixing & also the tracks and under-mudguards before the upper hull goes on.

Weathering’s different because the crud on the bogies/lower hull typically only gets splashed up on edges of the upper hull/mudguards etc. Stains & other imperfections on the upper hull & turret are another story. Then that can lead to a discrepancy between upper & lower, so that’s when the finely ground dry pastel chalk comes out in various dirty shades, to unify the overall effect…


Having never done this before I’m going to take my builds outdoors and snap photo s. I’m building an A-10 right now and did that on a whim. Daylight showed me things I completely overlook indoors with my normal lamps on. Went in, touched up and looked again outside.

Btw my sequences seems like they change from kit to kit. I have a tendency to build several then paint…and build some more so I end up with stuff in all sorts of various stages or I’ve skipped ahead and clear coated everything before I was really at that point on kit “a”. So I end up backtracking…

One of these days I’ll get my steps sorted out but I have a tendency to build, prime, main color, detail painting and clean up, clear coat, decals, oils and final clear coat.