Current color and markings on Iranian Chieftain Mk.5

Im looking to build a Iranian Chieftain Mk.5 and im wondering what is the current color and markings used on their Chieftains the only pics iv found are pics of the Iran and Iraq war and a pic of the overall dark green one devoid of all markings and and supposedly from 2018 ,Star decals makes 2 sheets of decals with Iranian Chieftains but im looking for something more current does anyone have a info that could be helpful

Maybe this will help.



Interesting shot posted in 2022



So who were the Iranian National Liberation Army/Mujaheddin? and what shade of sand would you say that is?

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The Iranian liberation army were a splinter group of the revolution who defected to Iraq, were equipped with captured equipment and lost it all when routed in one of the later battles of the Iran Iraq war. Takom include decals for them in their Mk5/P kit.
If you want up to date markings look in my book Chieftain Britains flawed masterpiece there are photos and profiles of current schemes.
Or contact me direct as I have photos that are not for publication from contacts in Iran.

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I don’t know about any current colour, but in Iraq at An Nasiriya, there was one parked up as, I presume a war trophy, next, somewhat absurdly, to an M36 Jackson; both in sand with the Iranian roundel marking, and that was it.

Im deffanity interested your help will be greatly interested ill send you a DM and where can i get your book you just mentioned

Re engineered with T-72 engine and new fire control system


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Wow. Time to bust out that new Tamiya chipping fluid after all?

I’m not familiar with using that, but would be interested to see the effect


Book is available on Amazon Will send you a link to photos via Dropbox

Iran is still using the Chieftain?

Yes; modifying them constantly to keep up. Their last modernization is the “Mobarez”.

According to Wikipedia:

The hull of the tank has been modified at the back and sides. The fuel tank has been replaced by a new, repairable one. Also, additional vibration damping systems have been added to protect sensitive electronic components. Other modifications include a laser range finder, a more powerful engine and the addition of light amplifying and infra-red systems.

The gearbox and suspension were changed, and an electrical generator was also added.

They’re still using a lot of equipment left from the days of the Shah. They also have T-72M1s from Poland and Belarus, along with some locally produced variants.


The Oryx Handbook Of Iranian Fighting Vehicles - Oryx (