Current color used on Modern British armor

What is the current color use by the Brits on thier armor and soft skins?

That’s actually a good question for 1:35 armour modellers; I’m not sure. I tend to model Cold War era stuff so revert to utilizing Tamiya Field Grey as my base colour. I am well aware that these days you’ll encounter vehicles with no black patches at all (probably due to MOD parsimony and an indifferent Army hierarchy) but certainly the hitherto green finish has definitely changed to a more olive tint.

So, sadly I can’t help much; over to some currently serving Ninjas - hopefully!

Hi there! If you are still interested in your Modern British armor question, there were many threads on this very subject on Armorama. If you want, send me an e-mail at, and I’ll try to dig up those old threads, and maybe try to give you some of my insight on this subject (I’m no expert, but I learned a lot while researching this)!