Current Polish helo green

Anybody have thoughts on the current green used on Polish helos? Hataka has two in there set, listed as “moss” and “leaf” green. (I think “moss” is the new color) I have an SW-4 inbound and plan on doing it stock green with reg. markings and adding some 1st Armored Brigade or 21st Rifle Brigade markings.

The kit says Ral-6031 for the Polish green. Not sure if correct but look forward to the build. Have one in the slash for a long time.

If it matter to you the IP is the civil version in the kit not a military IP.

Interesting bit on the instruments panel. (wonder what the differences are?) Though the civilian one is probably logical. Was probably a civilian/demostrator painted in military colors for the hand over ceremonies. Aerplast used that for their pattern. I’ve seen a couple photos of a demo one with a rocket pod on each side and a FLIR / TI turret on the nose. (scout version? How do you say "Loach"inPolish? )

Again depending on your thoughts on the subject and visibility I am not sure it matters much.

Review seems to imply the PE set has the "civilian one too. I’ll have to do some snooping and see if I can find “military” photos and compare to the kit panel. May just say “FIDO”…

I was just I recalled it was a thing, apologize if it’s of no help. Still look forward to the build.

Managed to find photos of 6611, a production one I’d guess from the number. Second is 6602 … formerly 0202, Look pretty close to me. (

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Weeeeell… there is a difference in the instrument panels. I compared the kit one with the photos above. It doesnt match either. The kit one has a raised area on the pilot’s side (red lines), the photos show the top of the IP flat. (green lines. ) Also, it looks like (I’ve not investigated this yet) the sides of the console are out past the cyclics. The kits IP looks narrower.

It appears to match this civilian version taken at Farnborough 2010.


PP-MHJ 2017 version

Oooooh … Pretty! Helo I got to fly in wasn’t so well decked out. (But I had more leg room.)


Did it feel like the H-21 was punching it’s way through the air?


Looks easy enough to remove the hump and IP top row.

It shook and shimmied like crazy till we got off the ground. Was a kick flying about 100 ft, 80 kt, door open, feet hanging out. Cutting through the LAX corridor, off the beach we were down to 50 ft. (Ship is ex-USAF but painted OD with “ARMY” on the side. We pissed someone off guess who got the phone call.:slight_smile: ) Here’s a shot over Long Beach … by the Queen Mary. Second is Pacific Coast Highway just south of Pt Mugu Naval Air Station. Mugu Rock … seen in about half the US car commercials, though from the

other side. … is the part sticking out in the water.


That’s cool. My flights in CH-46E felt if it was punching it’s way through the air. The CH-53E was like riding in a Cadillac, all nice and smooth.

Someone once told me helicopters dont fly, they beat the air into submission. :slight_smile: