Current Russian Armour Colour

Can anyone suggest a reasonable colour match for current 1/72-scale Russian armour (ie: Ukraine conflict)? As always, photographs can be deceptive. I am a dedicated enamel painter, and still prefer to brush paint rather than apply with an airbrush. My preferred brands are Humbrol and Revell … any recommendations?


Okay, I’ll be that guy:
Color of current Ruzzian armor -
Burnt steel
Charred Black
Melted Rubber
Shattered Green


Hahaha, I love this!

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I’ve been looking into this myself and have decided to get Vallejo Model Air 71.017 Russian Green 4BO

and Vallejo 71.018 Black Green
which are both part of their Russian Greens (1928’s to Present) set and compare them as to what looks bets to me.

You forgot rust orange.


Using Humbrol, for the Green and Sand scheme, I’d go with either 102 or 86 for the green, and 103 or 121 for the sand. 252 works ok for the solid overall green.

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