Current Russian "Green"

I know this is gonna open a family size can of worms, BUT … What is the current Russian green? I seem to recall there is an FS color that is close. I have the MiG colors … 915 looks nowhere close. 053 is suppose to be “current” as of 2014. Have a T-90A and Gaz Tiger in the stash . Planning on building them as Ukrainian “beute” rigs.

Tamiya XF-65 field grey is a good match.


Merci. (Mom’s side of the family is Quebecois but that is the extent of my French.) Not a big fan of Tamiya paints. (Except their JGSDF colors.) Might be able to find an equivalent though. .

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I find the Mig colors are good. Here is a link to a pamphlet. If you don’t like these, there is also a conversion chart.

AK interactive has modern Russian colors volume I and II which has a nice selection of greens. 3rd gen acrylics are nice to spray as long as you use their thinner and thin properly.

I think any of the various dark greens are probably close enough. Mission Models has a “modern Russian green” color that looks good, but I think it is a dark green by another name. If you are looking for factory fresh it may be the way to go, if going for an “in use” look not sure it will matter as much.


Yup. As stated in the original post I have the Mig set. 2 are listed as “modern” , one as of 08 other as of 2014. Thought I’d heard of a newer one similar to a US FS #.

I use Ak real colors RC098 Russian Modern Green

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